10 dicas que ajudam evitar discórdias.

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10 tips to help avoid arguments.

  • Choose an appropriate time to talk and do this peacefully.
  • Think about the situation thoroughly and do not be so focused on being right.
  • Listen to the other person with the intent to understand.
  • Talk frankly about what bothers you the most.
  • Do not raise your voice but at the same time it is necessary to set limits for the other person’s behaviours.
  • Recognise your mistakes and do not try to justify them.
  • Apologise properly and work together to find a practical solution.
  • Agree to make necessary changes.
  • Never allow yourself to be disrespected and make it clear what are not acceptable to you.
  • Do not blame yourself for other people’s mistakes, check whether the person has any need of psychological support. If the person is constantly flare up in anger and refuse to accept help, you may need to stay away from that person.