Compreenda seus pontos fracos, reconheça seus limites e ajuste-se positivamente.

mapa emocional

You should understand your weaknesses, recognise your limitations and make positive changes.

Sadness – Feeling sad once in a while is inevitable to feel, so cry if you need to, but avoid the temptation of self-isolation.

Disappointment – Everyone will be disappointed somehow in life, but escape from frustration by not focusing on unrealistic expectations.

Repentance – We all make mistakes and we can fix them. The way we can turn them around determines if we choose to have the right attitude

Jealousy – Excessive jealousy can be destructive to relationships. It is essential to improve self-esteem.

Disgust – Repulsion of harmful things is a good sign. Disgust also helps to recognise when distance from toxic people is needed, but it does not justify mistreating them.

Anger – It is related to our necessity of being valued. Take steps to calm down before hurting someone.

Fear – It helps us identify dangerous situation. We should overcome fears that stop us from moving forward.

Anguish – It is a result of severe pain or distress. Make effort to replace negative thoughts and get rid of resentment.