fluxograma emocional

Repare se você fez uma autoanálise ou autocrítica. Você citou mais aspectos negativos ou positivos a seu respeito?

Autoanálise – Enxergar nossas falhas é essencial para nos tornamos fortes. Quando queremos crescer, precisamos enfrentar nossos medos e encarar a verdade.

Autocrítica – Foque sua energia sobre as coisas que você pode controlar, e não se cobre tanto. Ao nos esforçarmos para alcançar pequenas ou grandes metas, é preciso ter paciência. Seja gentil consigo mesmo, não puxando toda a culpa para si próprio.

Build strong emotional intelligence DAILY.

Look inside yourself and then write a paragraph describing your attitudes during the day. -> <- Mention the factors that made your day good or bad.

What was the biggest challenge you faced today? -> <- Were you able to overcome? In case the answer is no, pretend that the challenge occurred to someone else and give advice to the person.

If someone said something about you, please take this into consideration. -> <- According to what was said, do you agree or disagree? What is the reason for that?

Have you learned something new? If yes, please describe how you felt about the process. If not, please specify what things you would most like to learn. -> <- What benefits can you obtain from this learning?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work demands? If so, think about the main reason for that. -> <- How about trying different approaches? Mention the first approach you can take.

Were you mad at someone? Who was this person? -> <- Have you ever done anything similar to someone? If so, try to have more empathy. If not, simple try to draw a line between you two.

Notice that you can be done a self-analysis or self-criticism. Have you analysed more negative or positive aspects about yourself?

Self-analysis – Admit failures are essential to become mentally strong. When we decide to pursue personal growth, we have to face our fears and face the truth.

Self-criticism – Focus your energy on things you can control and stop being so hard on yourself. Whether we are striving for small accomplishments or great achievements, we should be patient. Be kind to yourself and stop blaming yourself for everything.